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What We offer

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Manual operated control valves
  • Solenoid operated control valves
  • Fluid connectors
  • Hoses and hose fittings
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Hydraulic power pack components
  • Accumulators
  • Filters
  • Gear and piston pumps & motors
  • Orbital motors
  • Industrial hoses


Hydraulic Services

Everything we do is focused on giving you quality and performance in industrial hydraulics.

  • Hydraulic products and services

    Our hydraulic design team uses best-practice techniques and tools to deliver the quality you demand.

  • Prototype development

    When the work of each hydraulic designer is complete, a skilled hydraulic engineering prototype development team offers years of experience in bringing product ideas to life.

  • Testing

    A commitment to thorough testing throughout design, development and manufacturing is your guarantee of precision, reliability and superb performance in hydraulics. As well as an in-house electro-hydraulic test centre, we also have our own hydraulic test facility and special test areas.

  • Assembly

    Manufacturing and assembly take place on three dedicated production lines. This ensures consistency and quality and reassures you that our hydraulics engineering products will be manufactured to the highest quality and delivered on time.

  • Stocking

    A well-organized in-house stocking area is packed with hydraulic components so you can count on the good availability. It's all part of our market-leading hydraulic service.

Accumulator Service

Bladders can be easily replaced in the field, making bladder accumulators a great choice
for offshore or otherwise extreme environments. We stock a variety of sizes, compounds
and inlet valves to ensure that our customers experience as little downtime as possible
when their accumulator needs maintenance. Additionally, our bladders will fit
most of brands accumulator