Jebel Ali Industrial 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Jebel Ali Industrial 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact Time Sun-Thu: 9.00 - 06.00
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Phone Number +971 43236309


Globetech has set ambitious growth targets in the European, Middle East & Africa Markets. The growth places an increasing importance on partner companies, who are key to serving OEMs(Original equipment manufacturers) and MROs (End-Users) in different countries and market segments. Globetech has a comprehensive range of products with which we service a wide customer base across many sectors and regions. Naturally, the customers want many things - Products, Systems, Pre-sales technical support, On-Going Service, Maitenance and Emergency Cover to name a few. These needs have to be met and we look forward for companies which can either choose to be either our Distribution Partners, and Service Partners.

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B&C has been manufacturing a wide range of high-quality hydraulic pump for over 20 years. External gear pumps – Fixed displacement vane pumps.
B&C has been supplying the Bosch-Rexroth Group their PVV/PVQ Series pumps with private label since 1997. For several years, B&C has been the fixed displacement vane pump manufacturer for some of the most important groups in the hydraulic field such as BOSCH-REXROTH and DUPLOMATIC. In the past, the company also manufactured for the PARKER-HANNIFIN Group. B&C has been supplying Duplomatic their DFP Series pumps with private label since 1993. B&C range includes pumps and cartridge kits perfectly interchangeable with the following brands: Caterpillar, Eaton Vickers, Denison Hydraulics, Parker

MINIPRESS diagnostic systems

With all its experience and know-how, Mini Press created and finely tuned "Rapid System", a complete range of miniaturized components which allow a constant monitoring and immediate control on any hydraulic equipment. By localizing immediately any problem in the system it avoids any further complications. "Rapid System" can be used at any time during the testing, bleeding, fluid sampling, maintenance and assistance, without stopping the functioning of the plant. Thus reducing the amount of time and resources spent on servicing the machines and at the same time further insures the operators' safety.
"Rapid System" is the only solution that enables a reliable and effective control of hydraulics plants and at the same tie increases the intrinsic value of the machine to which it is installed.


Hydronit core business is the research, development and production of modular hydraulic power packs, valves and components.
Unlike largest international competitors, which have multiple businesses in different power transmission sectors,
Hydronit core business is fully committed and focused in the research, development and production of modular hydraulic power packs and relevant components only, for which Hydronit strive for excellence.


Tognella spa introduces itself with its products in different areas and, however, wherever there are fluids to be checked and regulated. Fifty years of experience and professionalism for quality items, result of years of steady research and total ploughed-back profits to offer always the best in the oleo-hydraulic field. In particular Tognella spa produces valves for hydropneumatic oil regulations


OMT fluid power handling OMT SPA is a medium sized Company with a 22.000 sqm manufacturing area. The OMT range of products is suitable to both the industrial and mobile application. Actually there are five main ranges of products: Bellhousings and drive couplings for hydraulic power transmissions; Filters; Aluminium air/oil heat exchangers; SAE flanges - elbow joints - manifolds; Power pack accessories.

Hydromaster Hydraulic Components

Hydromaster offers customers the most comprehensive access to quality hydraulic components, fluid control products and industrial spare parts.It has branches in the Middle-East and North Africa and can manufacture an entire power pack according to the costumer's requirements.


Atos is a leading manufacturer of components & systems in electrohydraulics: the advanced technology that integrates hydraulics with electronics to improve the performances of modern machinery

Rastelli Raccordi S.R.L.

Rastelli Raccordi is a company owned by the Rastelli family. It specializes in a wide range of galvanized steel and stainless steel fittings.

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