GASCO Gas Plant Hydraulic System


GASCO Gas Plant Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System for LPG Gas Silos Valve

  • Automation, Hydraulic Engineering
  • September 2019, July 2020
  • Riyadh & Dammam, Qassim & Taif - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

General Information

The hydraulic system has been designed to control the operation of silo valves, in a LPG plant.

The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic pump, hydraulic lines, hydraulic cylinders, and a control valve. 

The hydraulic pump provides hydraulic pressure to the system, which is used to operate the cylinders that control the opening and closing of the silo valves.

Hydraulic systems are commonly used in gas plants to control the operation of various equipment, including silo valves.

The HPU is designed for ATEX ambient, it means that it is designed to be used in potentially explosive environments where there is a risk of gas or dust ignition.

This requires the HPU to be designed with special precautions and components to prevent ignition and ensure safe operation.