Underwater Drilling & Water HPU


Underwater Drilling & Water HPU

  • Oil & Gas and Marine Systems
  • 22 December 2016
  • Saudi Arabia

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Our system empowered our client to execute their offshore projects with enhanced productivity, improved safety, and reduced operational risks.

Project Information

In December 2016, we successfully completed a groundbreaking project involving the design, development, and delivery of an advanced Underwater Drilling & Water Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) system for a client in Saudi Arabia.

This innovative system has significantly contributed to improving offshore drilling operations in challenging underwater environments.

Through our successful completion of this project, our client in Saudi Arabia received a state-of-the-art Underwater Drilling & Water HPU system, tailor-made to their requirements.

The integration of advanced technologies, robust design, and rigorous testing ensured safe and efficient underwater drilling operations.